Friday, 26 June 2009

Facelift at CashBench

[Photo: Pam & Frank] 
You will have noticed that CashBench looks quite different this week. It has gone through a major facelift that includes a redesign and new content to improve your CashBench experience.

Right at the top of CashBench spots a new navigation bar that helps you move around easily and directly access introductory posts on financial products like ETFs and SGS Bonds that may be less familiar with some CashBench readers.

Next, CashBench has provided a series of new content that represents all the key information that investors will want to keep up with. For a start, investors can now access stock brokers' latest research reports on Singapore companies at the top right-hand corner of CashBench. Immediately below the reports are the FTSE Straits Times Index in Singapore and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index. These quotes are continuously updated when the markets in Singapore and Hong Kong are in operation. In addition, a 5-day chart of both indices is included and will give a good idea of the intra-day movements in these 2 Asian markets for the past week. To maintain a balance between speed and information overload, other Asian markets are currently not included.

Moving on, the top news stories from the Asian editions of the major news services are now displayed to the left and close to the top of CashBench. Also, the general news from Channel NewsAsia has been dropped in favour for money-centric news from Business Times and The Edge. Finally, the At a Glance summary box shows the 5 most recent CashBench posts. With this, CashBench readers no longer need to scroll down to access recent posts that interests them.
Overall, these changes are designed to help you view and access content on CashBench more quickly and easily. Over time, CashBench aims to be one of your favorite web destinations, providing the key information and updates you need to make your investment decisions. Do leave a comment or e-mail CashBench privately to provide your valuable feedback. Enjoy and see you around CashBench.

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